Angelina Jolie and Sivert Høyem at the Nansen Award 2011

Wednesday evening TV2 is broadcasting the Nansen Award 2011 with superstar Angelina Jolie and Sivert Høyem on stage. Siri Lill Mannes leads the show with the legendary war reporter Martin Bell.

The Nansen Awarde 2011 was Monday awarded the organization Society for Humanitarian Solidarity from Yemen, for their efforts for refugees and migrants who have crossed the Gulf of Aden from the Horn of Africa.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guteres, presented the award in cooperation with the Norwegian Refugee Council and with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a contributor.

This is the first time the Nansen Award is broadcasted on television. Among the artists who participated in honor of the laureate was Sivert Høyem who performed «Prisoner of the Road» and «Warm inside» from his new album, Latin America's rock king Juanes, and Sweet Rush.