The role of the Navy in Norwegian Polar History

The areas near the Poles have fortunately been of relatively little military importance and polar history is in no way a central theme in Norwegian naval history. Through this small exhibition and a more detailed brochure, the Naval Museum wishes to highlight the several roles the Navy has played in Norwegian polar history.
Front cover of the brochure Photo: The Naval Museum

The main objective of the Naval Museum is to document, preserve and disseminate Norwegian naval history, and to increase awareness of the role the Navy has played in Norwegian society.

The Navy has carried out its own expeditions, has flown the Norwegian flag, and has been willing to defend Norwegian interests in regions where – in its absence – these actions would probably not have achieved the same international recognition. The Navy has also contributed know-how in the form of sea and air navigation technology and through a range of scientific observations.
Still, the Navy’s most important contribution is undoubtedly through its people. Personnel with a naval background have been crucial participants in many polar expeditions. The main focus of our exhibition and the brochure is therefore to present Norwegian Navy men in polar history.
The Exhibition opens on June 1st at the Navy's old base Karljohansvern in Horten, address: Kommandørkaptein Klincks vei 9.