New diaries from the Fram Museum

The diaries are published in eight volumesThe diares will hold over 2400 pages in eight volumes. Graphics: Frammuseet


The Fram Museum releases 14 new diaries from Roald Amundsens South Pole Expedition.

These diaries will be available:

  • Kristian Prestrud
  • Hjalmar Fredrik Gjertsen
  • Hjalmar Johansen
  • Olav Bjaaland
  • Sverre Hassel
  • Helmer Hanssen
  • Oscar Wisting
  • Jørgen Stubberud
  • Thorvald Nilsen
  • Kristian Martin Rønne
  • Ludvig Hansen
  • Alexander Kutschin
  • Adolf Schroer
  • Christian Doxrud

The diaries can be purchased from the museum store from 23 August. Descendants of the polar explorers will be reading from the diaries at 11. 

The books will be published in English around the turn of the year 2011/12.